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Big Bubba Whole House Filtration


Product Description

Big Bubba Filtration can also be used commercial & industrial.

Replacement Filters – call for replacement filter costs.

Pleated cartridges
Ideal for more critical applications, offering greater efficiency, more surface area for greater throughput and reduced cost.

Product Code

Media Type

Micron rating Per Case
BBC-150-P1A PP 1 Absolute 1
BBC-150-P1 PP 1 1
BBC-150-P5 PP 5 1
BBC-150-P20 PE 20 1
BBC-150-P50 PE 50 1
BBC-150-PM150 Mesh 150 1

Depth cartridges
Melt blown Polypropylene cartridges are recommended when depth filtration is necessary for gelatinous substances and when chemical resistance may be a requirement.

Product Code

Media Type

Micron rating Per Case
BBC-150-D1 PP 1 1
BBC-150-D5 PP 5 1
BBC-150-D20 PP 20 1
BBC-150-D50 PP 50 1

Activated carbon
Ideal for whole house filtration to reduce chlorine, taste, odors and sediment.

Product Code

Max Flow

Capacity Chlorine Reduction
BBC-150-AC 20 GPM 150,000 Gals. 90%

For more information, please see product sheet.