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ACE Whole House Filter for Sediment Reduction Micro-Z Filter Media


Product Description

Our filtration systems for sediment use our high performance Micro-Z filter media to provide increased loading capability and higher service flow rates. Micro-Z's unique Zeolite structure offers increased porosity to outperform conventional sand filters by reducing water consumption. The need to backwash is dramatically reduced!

Features & benefits

  • Uses Micro-Z™ for increased solids loading.
  • Unique structure allows for higher flow rates.
  • Reduces water consumption because the need to backwash is dramatically reduced.
  • Reliable equipment, designed for long-term service.
Part Number Valve Mineral Tank Size Media Cubic Ft. Gravel (Lbs) Service Flow(GPM) Drop (PSI) Back Wash (GPM) Floor Space LxWxH
NM09-CK10F Timeclock 9X48 1 10 5/9 < 15/25 5.3 16X10X55
NM10-CK10F Timeclock 10X54 1.5 10 7/10 < 15/25 7.5 16X11X62
NM12-CK10F Timeclock 12X52 2 20 9/15 < 15/25 11 17X13X60

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