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ACE Brand 30,000-60,000 Grain Water Softener


Product Description

ACE  Brand 30,000 grain water softener include 9 in. x 48 in. mineral Vortech™ tank, 1 in. Watts® brand metered control valve for greater efficiency and user friendly controls, and 18 in. x 36 in. brine tank w/ safety float valve. Assembled unit.

Models (with Clack metered valves, by-pass and sfaety float valves)

Model Number Capacity(Grains) Media Cu.Ft. Valve Type Connection Mineral Tank Size Brine Tank Size Safety Float Valve
M3011-CK10SM 30,000 1.0 Metered 1" 9"x48" 18"x36" Yes
M3013-CK10SM 45,000 1.5 Metered 1" 10"x54" 18"x36" Yes
M3015-CK10SM 60,000 2.0 Metered 1" 12"x52" 18"x36" Yes

NOTE: Brine tanks come with safety float valve.

For more information, please see product sheet.